Weather Tips

Melbourne is well known for having some of the most unpredictable weather conditions in Australia. The best advice we can give for visitors to Albert Park, Melbourne is to come prepared.

The seasons in Australia are:

  • Summer – from December to February
  • Autumn – from March to May
  • Winter – from June to August
  • Spring – from September to November

Based on data from The Australian Bureau Of Meterology website, the average temperature in the Melbourne summer months is around 25°C with maximums sometimes reaching up as high as 45 °C. In the winter months, the temperature averages around 15°C, sometimes reaching as low as 4°C. In Autumn and Spring in Melbourne you can expect average temperatures of around 20°C.

No matter what the season, in the warmer months still come prepared with a light jacket as the evenings can be cool. Also bring wet weather gear when you’re travelling around town, you never know when a sunny day can suddenly turn to rain clouds. In the winter months make sure you bring a warm jacket and your wet weather gear.